The Crafty Marketer

While we know how super easy it is to write, create, post or print your own marketing material, this is a story of a Marketing Director who knew that DIY graphic design was not really working for her company.

Amanda created all of the blog posts, Linked-In articles, Slide-Shares, FB ads and even a series of branded memes for her company. Simple, quick and easy to do, and over time the Sales Team saw an increase in social engagement with the brand – and more leads they could convert.

And because Amanda was so good at graphic design, the VP asked her to create a marketing eBook for a new line of products they were launching. That’s a fancy way of saying informative content that prospects will love to learn about – that indirectly sells those products.

Now as a marketer, Amanda knew that was asking too much of her design skills, but knew she wouldn’t get the budget to outsource the eBook to a graphic designer, let alone a creative agency. Too expensive her boss always says – and I agree, it’s not cheap.

So on she went, spending the better part of the week writing copy, sourcing stock photos and putting together a layout for the boss to see. She was quite proud with the finished product and knew it was going to be launch-able into public view.

Two weeks later, the Sales Team was getting decent results from Amanda’s eBook. A handful of leads and good awareness on their new product line.

But unbeknownst to the VP and the Sales Team, Amanda also engaged a creative agency to design the exact same eBook – perhaps superfluous, but she wanted to do a little A/B testing of sorts to see what kind of results they would get (vs the eBook she designed).

Pretty crafty that one, but she knew graphic design was more than just creating a good-looking piece. She had experience working with designers and knew they were skilled at capturing eyeballs and was amazed how their call-to-actions actually got prospects to click and engage with the brand – especially gated content.

The results? Two weeks after launching the professionally designed eBook, the Sales Team was ecstatic with a 218% increase in qualified leads and a big jump in their closing ratio. Needless to say, the VP was impressed and wasn’t even upset when Amanda came clean about her tactics.

And while she still designs most of the social content, the larger projects now get designed by the creative professionals, including the eBooks.

Oh, and that VP? Well, she understands now that graphic design is an investment, not an expense. Thank you Amanda.

Greg Carmichael
Greg Carmichael

Greg is the Managing Director of Synergy Design, a creative branding agency in Streetsville (Mississauga), just outside of Toronto. Greg leads a talented team that creates effective marketing collateral for print and online, and he ensures their clients have a great experience working with them. To learn more, visit