Start by calling Greg to bring him up to speed on your challenges. And let’s see if there’s a reason we should be working together. If there is, we’ll arrange an in-person meeting to look at your brand – what’s worked and what’s not, and uncover potential fixes to get you started. Chances are what we’re good at doing, may be a great fit to solve your challenges. So meet the team you’re about to work with.


Greg Managing Director

My primary role is Client Experience, so my focus is on making clients happy. I’m not a ‘yes-man’, but will listen and then offer up what’s best to solve your creative or marketing challenges. I’ll grab a coffee while you think about that – ok, so if you’re cool with that idea, I should also mention that I’m wrong sometimes too, so that’s why I listen to my team. They’re young, vibrant and full of ideas.

Outside of business, I’ll be on the golf course. In the woods looking for my ball. My biggest fear is that when I die, my wife will sell my clubs for what I told her I paid for them. I’m also a rabid Toronto Maple Leafs fan and can often be heard yelling at the TV. Oh, I’m also a chauffeur to 3 teenaged daughters. Yep, we have 3 and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Rachel Studio Manager

I’ve been here now 15 years (wow) and I just love it! I’ve worked with some amazing people over the years and love the excitement of on-boarding new clients as well. The volume and variety of work has never slowed down, and I think that’s how I became one helluva designer. In the past couple of years I have assumed the role of Studio Manager, which makes me your sidekick (na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na). Behind the scenes, I’m a master organizer, project juggler, client translator, and it’s my mission to get it right the first time. Maybe the second time. Ok, the first time it is.

Oh, and I’m the class clown too. Creative people thrive in a fun environment. So I do my best to keep things interesting, mostly at my own expense. Go on, ask me about the goat.

As a proud momma of 2 wildly hilarious little girls, my days off are jam-packed with dress-ups, and bike rides (often at the same time), and I soak in every single moment of it.


Pia Art Director

I’m a doodler, mouse clicker and white space advocate.  And over the past five years, this place has helped me grow. It’s been amazing to work with such like-minded people who just ‘get me’ (or at least pretend to).  We’ve grown together, enjoying the highs and learning from the lows. The clients keep me on my toes – so does my collection of mini animals that make me feel tall, even for a little bit.

When I’m not creating, my family and friends keep me humble. But they glaze over when I rant about fonts or show them awesome design.  My mission is to find the least cheesiest of stock photos. The struggle is real – so are unicorns.


Kristine Graphic Designer

My title may read Graphic Designer, but my true role here is Resident DJ (Masterclass K). I have the most important job as my musical selection sets the tone and pace for the day. And yes, it’s a dictatorship. I fear a coup when it’s Epic Movie Soundtracks Day.

Okay, okay, I do some design too — a full day, every day. The constant flow keeps me hopping and well-motivated.

On the weekends you’ll find me in the kitchen baking delectable chocolate treats (sometimes they make it to the studio) or curled up with a giant, fluffy blanket reading a mystery novel.


Hajira Graphic Designer

I’ve settled in nicely here and so far, I’m loving it! What I really like, is that we get to do a bit of everything and work together. There’s never a dull moment and with great music and random wildlife in our attic (squirrel!), you’ll never know what the day will bring. And someone is always bringing us delicious cupcakes! What’s not to love? We have such great clients that we are honoured to create amosome (awesome and amazing) work for.

When it’s me-time, I enjoy the company of my friends and family, playing video games, playing the piano and reading my massive collection of books. And who says designers don’t read?

Austin Bio Pic

Austin  Junior Graphic Designer

With my freshly-minted design diploma in hand, I’m finally at my first professional gig. It’s an exciting new world, and it didn’t take long to see how seasoned designers operate. I’m starting to learn how it’s all about the client, their objectives and solving design challenges every day. I’m so looking forward to contributing and bringing my new kind of design-thinking to the studio.

In my own time, I love drawing my future tattoos, spending time gaming with the boys, and watching Leafs games with my dad. Hopefully I’ll see the Stanley Cup in a coloured photo one day soon. Oh, and my family conveniently owns an ice-cream franchise, so the team here liked me immediately when I brought treats on my first day.

Kid portrait

Jo-Anne Accounting

I’m the only non-creative here, so that makes me the de facto office manager. Can’t let designers manage the books or look after the admin functions. But it’s a part time gig since being married to Greg is a full time job in itself. When I’m not here, I’m at home raising our family of three daughters – and as stressful as running a business can be, Greg always says I have the toughest job.

Back in the day, I worked with the police service, and was a practicing and volunteer Doula (birthing coach). I still aspire to be a mid-wife, but running the business and the family seems to be the priority right now. As does getting back to Barbados and my favourite beach, Bottom Bay. Google it.