DIY Graphic Design & Plumbing

DIY Graphic Design & Plumbing

If you’re having to do your own graphic graphic design (and are not a designer), then this post may be for you.

So those that know me, know I have three daughters. Yep, three of ‘em. So not only is my water bill sky high, so too is the amount of required maintenance in their bathroom.

Finally got around to replacing a leaking faucet, and I discovered a great comparison to the world of graphic design and marketing. But I’ll get to that in a sec.

So I’m a handy guy (sort of), and replacing a faucet aint rocket science. No disrespect to the plumbers out there. So I took a look, jotted down the make and model and made my way to the hardware store. It was great to get out of the house. Three daughters, remember?

Got the part and returned home – only to discover it was the wrong one. Back to the hardware store… *sigh*

Double checked and THIS time, I got the right one. Got home and started to remove the old faucet. Yes, I shut off the main supply first. But damn, that old faucet was in there good and tight. They must’ve used some kind of nuclear epoxy. It wouldn’t budge.

Went online to watch some how-to videos and didn’t get much help. So I resorted to sawing that bad boy off (well, it was more like hacking and slashing to get it that off), and when it finally came free an hour later, I discovered I was going to need another part… *sigh*

So three hours and $300 later, I solved the problem, and was I ever proud. Pounded my chest as I told my wife. Not sure why she had to tell me the plumber would’ve been faster and a lost less frustrating, but I got her point.

Which brings me to my point. If you’re a marketer or business owner, I understand that doing the design yourself will give you a sense of pride, but I think my story illustrates that it may time to call in a professional.

Like that plumber my wife wanted to call, a graphic designer or creative agency are highly skilled in their trade. And while they may or may not be cheaper, they will certainly be faster, which would free you up to do what you do best. So what’s your time worth?

Ok, gotta go, the sink is clogged. Again.

Greg Carmichael
Greg Carmichael

Greg is the Managing Director of Synergy Design, a creative branding agency in Streetsville (Mississauga), just outside of Toronto. Greg leads a talented team that creates effective marketing collateral for print and online, and he ensures their clients have a great experience working with them. To learn more, visit